7,50L16 Voltyre DR-102 PR4 made in Russia

7,50L16 Voltyre DR-102 PR4 made in Russia

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Name: 7,50L16 Voltyre DR-102 PR4 made in Russia
Category: Agricultural tyre
Manufacturer: Voltyre
Width: 7.50
Rim diameter: 16
Fuel efficiency:
External noise:
External rolling:

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Agricultural tires

In the driving position of traktor tires the pattern filled in only 20%. At the 4x4 tractors , the tires must not be changed to free size.

PR (Ply Rating) values

It shows the loadability of tires. The bigger is the PR the higher the resolution against the outside effect. For heavy off-road work worth to choose the higher PR

Tire sructure

radialdiagonal gumi There are two different tire structures.

At diagonal tires the cord lines stand in 45 degrees with the basis line.

At the radial tires the body can be optimized for radial forces. The radial cords are in 90 degrees with basis line, so cords can take twice bigger forces than diagonal tires. Thus, radial tires have half number of ply than in diagonal tires. This way, the sidewall can be slimmer, which gives better cooling. The decrease of the plies' degrees increases the stability of tire at high speed.

The signs of tire structure: R means radial tire. This sign (-) or D letter means diagonal tire, B means bias belted.

7,50L16 Voltyre DR-102 PR4 made in Russia


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Pikaajalised kogemused ja väga hea koostöö teiste Baltyre kaubamärki kandvate rehvifirmadega Slovakkias, TsehhisVenemaal ja Lätis võimaldavad meil optimeerida tarneid erinevatelt tootjatelt lõpptarbijateni, tänu millele saame oma püsiklientidele pakkuda alati soodsaid hinna ja tarnetingimusi.

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Tyre label

Under the 1222/2009/EK regulation of the The European Parliament and Council, in the case of all tires* producted after June 2012 and sold within the EU, the tire or the place of sale must have a label from November 2012. On the left you can see the new EU label for this tire. It is very similar to the labels used on household appliances, for instance the labels on washing machines or dishwashers. For further informations about these notations you can visit this link. You can get informations about the new tire labeling regulations and the frequently asked questions from the European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers Association (ETRMA).