6,50-10 Seha KNK40 125A5 12PR

6,50-10 Seha KNK40 125A5 12PR

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Name: 6,50-10 Seha KNK40 125A5 12PR
Category: Industrial tyre
Manufacturer: SEHA
Width: 6.50
Rim diameter: 10
Fuel efficiency:
External noise:
External rolling:

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Industrial tires

We can different superelastic tires or air tires, depending on whether the forces taken by air or rubber. Industrial tires designed for little loaders (bobcat).

PR (Ply Rating) value

It shows the loadability of tires. The bigger is the PR the higher the resolution against the outside effect.

Tires sructure

radialdiagonal gumiThere are two different tire structures.

At diagonal tires the cord lines stand in 45 degrees with the basis line.

At the radial tires can be optimized for radial forces. The radial cords are in 90 degrees with basic line, so cords can take twice bigger forces than diagonal tires. So, radial tires have half number of ply than in diagonal tires. So can be slimmer the sidewall which give better cooling. Decrease the degrees of plies, so increase stability of tire at high speed

The signs of tire structure: R means radial tire. This sign (-) or D letter means diagonal tire. B means bias belted.

6,50-10 Seha KNK40 125A5 12PR

About Us


SEHA is running its businesses as being in the top 500 of best exporter firms, top 300 in the automotive sector, and 5th biggest exporter in the tire sector in Turkey. We are export trading to more than 70 countries and import trading from around 30 countries. SEHA is maintaining and developing business relationships with 200 abroad and 1200 domestic firms each year.

SEHA Tire Department is exporting its vehicle tires in several dimensions to many countries in the world under the brand of “SEHA”. We are invigorating our business in this sector by adding new dimensions to product lines.

SEHA, in the automotive sector, is furnishing services and creating solutions upon extensive product range with its customer focused special vehicle solutions (vehicle bodywork).  SEHA maintains its businesses as a respected and accredited vehicle bodywork firm by vehicle producers in the automotive sector.

SEHA is in the position as the primary supplier of domestic and global organizations (Europe Union, World Bank, United Nations, and Public Institutions) and many corporate customers with its business actualization potential up to 60 million Euros. Seha; is having operations in Information & Communication Technologies (IT&ICT), Energy systems, Laboratory and experiment solutions, Rubber technology transfers and defense industry.

Right along with trade, contract and manufacturing, SEHA is representing several manufacturers around the world in different sectors in Turkey.

Because of SEHA’s quality vision, Call Center is accessible from all around Turkey for 7/24 at after-sale support service.

Moreover, SEHA is carrying on many R&D projects for automotive, informatics, and defense industy within its own organization.

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Tyre label

Under the 1222/2009/EK regulation of the The European Parliament and Council, in the case of all tires* producted after June 2012 and sold within the EU, the tire or the place of sale must have a label from November 2012. On the left you can see the new EU label for this tire. It is very similar to the labels used on household appliances, for instance the labels on washing machines or dishwashers. For further informations about these notations you can visit this link. You can get informations about the new tire labeling regulations and the frequently asked questions from the European Tyre and Rubber Manufacturers Association (ETRMA).